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CA License PSY10384
FL LIC PY 9473

Recovery Online Therapy- William I. Perry, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist and Online Therapist

William Perry, Ph.D. Online Therapy for help with Alcoholism, Drug Addictions, Anxiety, Depression Internet Therapy Online Psychotherapy | Online Therapist | Online Psychologist with over 25 Years Experience

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If you are reading this page then you have already taken the hardest step in getting help, resolving your problems, living free of them and having the relief and resolution that you want and deserve.

As your psychologist and therapist my focus is on the solution and my goal is to help you to develop it and to get to it in the most efficient and powerful way possible.

I am now very excited about providing online therapy via the internet – No more having to leave your office early, make excuses, look for parking, sit in a waiting room, and then drive back. You can have your online therapy from the comfort and privacy of your home or office with your only focus on doing our work together, not the logistics of getting here and back.

It is said that the days are long and the years are short. There is no time like the present to alleviate the obstacles to your growth and potential. If you are wanting to resolve a particular problem, enhance your personal growth, or move your life in a new direction I can help you in a supportive, problem-solving, non-judgmental, and objective way.

If you are or think you may be struggling with an addiction or with anxiety or depression I can help you overcome it by giving you specific tools that you will learn to use to improve your control mechanisms, live free and stay free from self-defeating behaviors.

My goal as your online psychologist is to help you to become self-sufficient and empowered, and to achieve your life goals by removing the obstacles to it.  We will identify and alleviate old behavior patterns and misperceptions that hold you back from living the meaningful life that you want and can have. 

We will identify and utilize ways to enhance your support system, and we will set in place new patterns and perceptions that will prevent your problems from coming back.

Contact me today and let’s continue the process that you have already begun.

Online therapy services are provided via Internet (Skype) or telephone, including email contact. 

What is Online Therapy?