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CA License PSY10384
FL LIC PY 9473

Recovery Online Therapy- William I. Perry, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist and Online Therapist

William Perry, Ph.D. Online Therapy for help with Alcoholism, Drug Addictions, Anxiety, Depression Internet Therapy Online Psychotherapy | Online Therapist | Online Psychologist with over 25 Years Experience

Dr. Perry's Resume

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A few words from Dr. Perry

Dr. William Perry is a licensed clinical psychologist, in private and hospital practice for over 25 years. He earned his degrees from the University of Southern California and the California School of Professional Psychology.

After serving as a substance abuse psychologist at the V.A. Medical Center he went on to become Clinical Director for Sitike Mental Health Clinic in South San Francisco and a staff member at the California Pacific Medical Center, and on to develop his own practice in San Francisco, California. He is a past Chair of
the San Francisco Psychological Association Ethics Committee and a recipient of the San Francisco Bar Association Community Service Award. In addition he served the San Francisco Superior Court for 20 years as a substance abuse and child custody evaluator.

After 25 years he decided that it was time for a change of scenery (and weather) and moved to sunny Salinas on the coast of Ecuador.  Currently he provides, in English and Spanish, inpatient and outpatient therapy and assessments, teaching, as well as online therapy for those too distant to see him in person.

In addition to his passion for his work as a psychologist he enjoys creative writing, traveling, and playing classical guitar. He lives in Salinas, Ecuador with his wife Anita.

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As a psychologist and psychotherapist my style is interactive, direct and collaborative, drawing upon cognitive and behavioral approaches as well as relational and insight-oriented psychotherapy.  My focus is on the specific needs of each patient. My practice is dedicated to helping people live full and meaningful lives. I love what I do and I feel it a privilege to be trusted as a helper.

Coping alone or even with loving friends and family is very difficult if you are going through a loss, conflict, addiction or major life change. I place my highest priority on providing you with a safe, supportive, objective, warm and confidential environment where I will help you overcome feelings of depression, anxiety and fear, always in the spirit of honoring and respecting your personal dignity and value.

If you think you may have an alcohol or addiction problem I can help you, without judgment, as part of our “team,” to discover and examine your options and to make informed, realistic, healthy and growth-promoting choices.  I believe in your capacity to change and I see myself as a facilitator of that change. My goal is to provide you with support, relief, resolution, and the tools you need to prevent relapse and live the meaningful life that you want and deserve.

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