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CA License PSY10384
FL LIC PY 9473

Recovery Online Therapy- William I. Perry, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist and Online Therapist

“One of the most widespread superstitions is that every person has his/her own special, definite qualities; that a person is kind, cruel, wise, stupid, energetic, apathetic, etc. People are not like that. They are like rivers: The water is the same in each, and alike in all; but every river is narrow here,  is more rapid there, here slower, there broader, now clear, now cold, now dull, now warm. It is the same with people. Every person carries in themselves the germs of every human quality, and sometimes one manifests itself, sometimes another, and the person often becomes unlike him/herself, while still remaining the same person.” -Leo Tolstoy 
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No more having to leave your home or office early, make excuses, look for parking, sit in a waiting room, and then drive back.  You can have your online therapy from the comfort and privacy of your home or office with your only focus on doing our work together, not the logistics of getting here and back.  READ MORE

If you are reading this page then you have already taken the hardest step in getting help, resolving your problems, living free of them and having the relief and resolution that you want and deserve.